The Appreciation Game

The Power of Appreciation!

Whatever You Appreciate, Appreciates!

There is a power in appreciation that most of us are totally unaware of. The feeling of appreciation is a very clear, clean, high vibrating emotion. It’s on the same frequency as true unconditional love. The kind of love that has no expectations attached to it and loves merely for the sake of loving.  When we are in the state of appreciation we are in alignment with our highest self and our connection to the divine is wide open.

Being in the state of appreciation is really good for you, all those around you and the larger world. When we are appreciating someone, we are acknowledging them, thanking them, blessing them and uplifting them and that is a truly powerful gift to give another! And there’s a huge bonus for you as well, appreciation feels really good and it puts you in a state of allowing goodness to flow abundantly to you!

If you want to improve your relationships start looking for and focusing on the best aspects of the people you care about. If you want more good things to start coming into your life, start looking around you for things that you like and appreciate. Start noticing what’s right and good and put your attention on that because whatever you focus on grows – whatever you appreciate, appreciates!

Ready to tap into the power of appreciation? Join me in a 30 Day Journey as we focus on appreciation by playing a simple and fun game. The Appreciation Game! A 30-Day Process to Increase Happiness, Abundance & Wellbeing! This game is all about tuning yourself to the frequency that will allow good feeling things and experiences to start flowing easily into your life.

Isn’t it time for you to return back to your natural state of feeling like a blessed and worthy being and helping others feel the same? The more you focus on appreciating the good that’s already around you, the more you will feel the truth of who you really are and the more value you will add to everyone you encounter!

May you be Abundantly Blessed!


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