How do you feel about money?

Is it a source of your power?

Or the root of your problems?

In truth: There really isn’t one thing called “money.”

Money is a shapeshifter, taking on many personalities depending on how you feel about it.

moneyMoney in abundance is fun, creative, joyful, life enhancing and allows you to make a real difference in the world.

  • Money in the form of debt or the last few dollars in your bank account becomes stress, anxiety, depression, dread, and shame.
  • In negotiating a salary or figuring out what to charge a client, money is the elephant in the room, often making sure that you work for peanuts.

In dreaming about your business, money becomes the key to the locked door, the ticket to the new destination,

When it comes to your family, friends and relationships, money is often the resource that allows you to create ways to spend time together, meet basic living needs, help one another out and gives you the freedom to create your life in the way that best suits you.


AmericanPsychologicalAssocThe truth is if you don’t have the level of money you say you want,
emotions related to money are interfering with your ability
to earn more and handle what you have
in ways that grow your wealth!

Because there is a Mind/Body/Money Connection that is continually running in your subconscious that is creating your current “Money Reality.”

secret agenda

  • As a child, sitting on the stairs at night, did you overhear your family’s children on stepsworried discussions about finances?
  • Was your family working class with the belief that they had to work long and hard for their money?
  • Did they live through the Depression, rationing and struggling to feed their kids.
  • Or maybe you had plenty of money but it was used to control, reward or punish.

Whether you know this or not, your family’s experiences got passed down to you – their thoughts and beliefs subconsciously became programmed into vows about your own worth.


They keep us stuck at an arbitrary, but powerful set point for:

  • How much you are allowed to earn
  • How much Wealth you deserve to have
  • How hard you have to work for your money
  • Whether or not you can earn doing what you LOVE

We know just enough about our subconscious to realize it’s a place where logic does not exist, emotion rules and the past is still happening!

TIW book pictureThese concepts come from the groundbreaking bestselling book “Tapping Into Wealth” written by Margret M. Lynch. Margaret discovered through years of work with Thousands of people, consistent connections between specific ways of limiting and sabotaging money and their subconscious origin.

These unconscious vows that have been handed down through the generations, keep you stuck living paycheck to paycheck – and even at higher income levels, working too hard for your money, and resigned to the thought that you can’t earn big doing what you love.

Are you re-living your parent’s money reality despite your best efforts and intentions?


shatter glass ceiling

It’s not the banks, corporations, taxes, or conventional glass ceiling
keeping you from your goals.

glass ceiling

It’s your INNER Glass Ceiling – your programming.

  • It’s wired into your emotions and nervous system.
  • And it takes a transformative experience of the mind-body connection to break free.

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