8 Week Coaching Program

The Mind/Body/Money Connection

If you don’t have the level of money you say you want, the truth is that emotions related to money are interfering with your ability to earn more and handle what you have in ways that grow your wealth!

Tapping Into Authentic Financial Success
Week Transformational Coaching Program
Uncover and release what’s really keeping you,
From stepping fully into your authentic power
And creating abundant financial success!

Eight Weeks of Coaching, Tools and Processes
based on Margaret Lynch’s
Best Selling book
Tapping Into Wealth TIW book

Presented to you by:
Bonnie Durkinbonnie no background Authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach


  • Week One – Your Personal Money Map – create a “map” that will show you how you really feel about the five different “aspects of money. Learn why your relationship to money is as tied to the Mind/Body connection as negative emotions and illness. Uncover the real reason the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you by starting to understand the money blocks that undermine any positive intentions you are sending out.
  • Week Two – Your Earliest Money Paradigm – Go back to your
    childhood to observe what you saw and heard in your family’s relationship with money that became “truths” you absorbed and still believe today. Unearth your wealth “vows” and limiting set points for your worth and begin the Tapping work to clear them.
  • Week Three – Seeing your “hidden downside” of having lots of income and success. Explore in even more depth how you really feel about money and discover how your subconscious views wealth, success and being rich. Here’s a hint, if you don’t have the level of wealth you want, your subconscious believes it’s not safe for you.
  • Week Four – Financial Trauma –Troubling financial events are more than just a bad experience – they can cause catastrophic financial trauma that forever controls your financial picture unless you are able to acknowledge and move past them! This crucial module is full of tailored, life-changing Tapping exercises that will allow you to move forward and trust yourself again in your money.
  • Week Five – Setting Outrageous GoalsOnly outrageous goals give you outrageous results! What comes up when you challenge yourself to identify and share these goals is extraordinarily powerful – and when you stop resisting your creativity, your inner entrepreneur can step up to lead you where you need to go.
  • Week Six – I Don’t Deserve More Money! – This is the week where the biggest changes happen. Come face to face with your set points for how much you can earn and how much you are allowed to be worth – and for the first time, act to raise them.
  • Week Seven – Breaking the Cycle of Striving But Never ArrivingMaybe you work extremely hard toward your goals or perhaps you feel frozen and keep putting off taking action because “it’s” not quite perfect yet. In this module we will address your relationship with perfection so you can stop spinning your wheels and start getting somewhere!
  • Week Eight – Becoming a Great Receiver and Retraining your Brain for Success! – Learn how you’ve put up obstacles and been programmed to refuse support from others toward your goals, needs and desires. Tapping allows you to be open to the help you need to achieve even more! You’ve absorbed many important insights and had many “AHA!” moments through the Tapping exercises to identify and clear your limited programming about money. Now find out how to use a simple process to keep moving forward and to retrain your brain for success and action!

8 Weeks of Coaching, Tools and Processes Including:

  • 8 Unique processes to uncover and release your blocks
    around money, goals, success and wealth.
  • 8 Group coaching sessions via phone.
  • Daily support, extra tapping & tools via private facebook group.
  • Downloadable recordings of all your coaching calls.

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Are You Ready?…. break freeTo jump in and break free from your blocks
and finally start earning what you are really worth?
If now is your time to stand fully in your power
and start creating your own personal,
authentic financial success….

Then give me a call or email me, so we can explore the possibility of this program being the right fit for you!

If you’re sick and tired of feeling frustrated
when it comes to money and success
now is your time to transform…
money girlYour money struggles to Your Money Success!


Your “new money reality” is waiting for you….
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